Project Honeypot httpBL PHP Class

Project Honeypot httpBL PHP Class
The following gist contains a class I wrote to query Project Honeypot‘s http:BL API. It doesn’t do any blocking on it’s own, but can be used to add the functionality to your own system.

Tallyho! Consulting

Tallyho! Consulting
New WordPress theme created for Tallyho! Consulting. Design created by Gestalt.

Magento: CSS Auto-Versioning 5

When you make changes to your themes CSS files in Magento and are using the built in CSS merging capabilities in Magento, you will run into issues with browsers caching the old file and your new changes not taking effect. The issue is that the filename for the css files doesn’t change when you make ...
I implemented designs for (and it’s soon to come sister sites) created by Complete Design Studio. The site is built using Magento for the product galleries, and WordPress for the blog.
WordPress site created for a new identity launch for The First Impression Group. The design work was done by Gestalt. Features 6 color themes that randomly change when you change from one section of the site to another.

Magento: Add Layout Handle for Product Attribute Sets

Out of the box, Magento includes layout handles for different product types, simple, grouped, bundle, etc in order to add or change blocks shown on the product page. Sometimes however, you may want to show different blocks or change the look of a product page. Magento does include a layout handle for each Product ID ...

Magento: Multi-Site Skin Module

When creating your own custom theme, placing layout changes in a local.xml file is a great way to keep all of your changes in one place, and keeps changes from the core files limited to only what needs changing. However, if you are using the theme in a multi-site setup, if you want to make ...